Men build life-sized VW camper van made entirely out of LEGO bricks

Pretty much all of us played with Lego at some point during our childhood, from small shapes and experiments to larger, more intricate structures that left […]

Bikini model claims she is ‘too beautiful’ to find love

A model has shocked social media viewers by making the bold claim that she is “too beautiful” to find love, and that “nice guys” are intimidated […]

Man beaten up outside cinema for shouting out Avengers: Endgame spoilers

A man has been pictured tending to his wounds after allegedly being beaten up for shouting out spoilers to the new Marvel film Avengers: Endgame. The […]

A 13-year-old boy bought his single mother a car by trading in his Xbox and doing yard work.

William Rabillo, 13, surprised his mom, Krystal Preston, with a 1999 Chevy Metro during what she has called a “low point” in her life. This is […]

The Physics Teacher You Wish You Had Wins $1 Million Global Prize

Even among inspirational teachers, Peter Tabichi stands out. So much so that Tabichi is the first specialist science winner of the 2019 Varkey Foundation Global Teacher […]

A 12-Year-Old Built A Working Fusion Nuclear Reactor In His Old Playroom

A (now) teenager from Memphis, Tennessee, might be the youngest person to have built a working fusion reactor. Jackson Oswalt reported the measurements of his experiment […]